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One of my clients had a deep cut, an open wound while working on some machinery as a hobby. I suggested over the phone to cut open Turmgel Tulsi and apply. Fortunately, I had the samples which I rushed across and the wound started healing very well. This was a week back and it’s completely healed now. So surprised that it worked that way too. Instinctively I just did that, because of the Turmeric and Tulsi put together in Turmgel. Healing Maximized, Turmgel Optimized, Life #Mickeymized!!!

Dr. Mickey Mehta , Global Leading Holistic Health Guru

"My family (including my dog) have been using Turmgel for a long while now, and have found that it has done wonders for the immunity system. My friends have also started, and continued with Turmgel. Thank you for this wonderful product."

Niloufer Daruvala

"The best.... according to my experience!"

S.VENKATARAMANI Subramanian , Senior Executive

"Truly Innovative product, cures my sore throat, helps with good breathe, It helps me to improve my digestion....Since I have started taking 2 turmgels a day My immunity has increased, and I have stopped falling sick :)"

akshay shah

"Turmgel has solved the perennial problem of poor absorption and lack of activity in oral dose forms (capsules/Tablets/Liquids etc). I have had 6 capsules of curcumin a day with zero results (the top brands), but a single Turmgel jelly produced outstanding results in knee pain, the positive side effects are obvious that the oral cavity feels fresh and it seems to resolve inflamed gums... brilliant!"

Vikram N

"One of the best products so far to cure cold and cough immediately, 2 lozenges a day keeps my immunity strong!"

Akshay Shah

"I always keep Termgel at home as it is very effective and with no side effects. I always recommendit to my friends and response is very positive."

R C Bairathi

It is always a pleasure to let my friends know of Turmgel as it has always brought relief to all whom I have recommended it to, so far. On my wife's side of the family, almost everyone is prone to pharyngitis and almost 3 to 4 times a year this always went out of hand and could only be controlled with antibiotics. Since we have known about Turmgel, it has been possible to avoid antibiotics altogether by starting off on Turmgel in the initial stages of an infection. Till date I have recommended Turmgel to a vast number of my friends and they are more than happy with the results. Hope more people take to this natural product with turmeric as an important ingredient. "

Pankaj Rao, Goa

"Due to tobacco abuse I have got the symptoms of leukoplakia in my mouth. Now, after totally stopping the irritant tobacco, Turmgel is really helping me to get cure from the after effects. Just 20 tablets is proving results. I am going to continue it for complete cure. My dentist also certified the improvements. Thank you."

Uppily Sridharan , Government Servant

"I have been personally using Turmgel since a year. I feel Turmgel is excellent in terms of quality and efficacy. I also use Turmgel for my family and have noticed benefits of the product as a pain reliever, anti-infective and as an immunity booster. I recommend Turmgel to be used regularly for its varied health benefits. Dr. Manish Maladkar M.D.(BOM.), M.C.C.P.(USA) Website:"

Dr Manish Maladkar

"My family and I (including my four-legged 'son') have been using Turmgel for over a year, and we have personally found tremendous improvement in digestive issues, throat and sinus related issues, as well as mouth ulcers. I love the cool menthol taste, and use Turmgel even as a great and tasty mouth freshener! I have introduced many of my extended family members and friends to Turmgel, and we are all very happy with this amazing product."

Niloufer Daruvala , Wellness & Mindfulness Facilitator

"I have used these on several occasions, the first of which was following a flight. I was suffering with blocked sinuses and sore throat, however within 24 hours of use, my symptoms had cleared completely. I now use these lozenges when experiencing flu or cold symptoms, as they provide swift relief and boost my energy."

Gisli Larusson , Founder and CEO - OMNI CURE

"Would blindly recommend it to anyone suffering from a cold, cough or even just for building immunity. The taste is so yummy that even my 6 yrs old son loves it. Whenever we feel that he is coming down with something, I immediately pop one of the lozenges in his mouth & i know for sure he will fell better."

Aanchal Sejpal , Fitness Instructor

"Find it to be instantly effective and thus it has become standard issue for throat itches, coughs, mouth sores etc. The lozenge has a pleasant taste which is pleasing to the palette - thus our kids are not resistant to popping it when they are under the weather."

Nandan Mehta

"One the benefits I have personally felt is that my throat is less sensitive to cold & ice based drinks. After taking Turmgel for about 2 months regularly this problem has since disappeared. My sinus infections are down dramatically & I step up the number of lozenges a day if I do have a sinus attack."

Bhavin Soonderji , MD, Atco Controls (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"Curcumin or haldi is not easily absorbed by the body. Having used capsules and lozenges, I feel that the lozenges are more beneficial because they melt in the mouth. Curcumin is a very important supplement for me and my family. I was once coughing badly. After taking TurmGel, the coughing stopped instantly ... magic. I take curcumin for liver support, cough, cold etc."

Prashant Jain

"There is no after taste of the turmeric as it is cleverly masked by the menthol, which in turn gives a fresh breath. On a regular use I feel more relaxed and confident as my problems are kept at bay. I feel this is one of the best investments I made to improve my health.Turmgel Lozenges are user friendly and hope would create a benchmark in medical treatment with its multiple health benefits."

Kishor Makam , CEO - TPD Associates

"I love open sky. I do paragliding, parachute jumping. When nothing else worked from my back, I took a leap of faith with Turmeric pastilles to get relief from nagging back pain and it has kept me afloat ."

Anna S

"I love to be active. Turmeric Pastilles worked great to deal with my recalcitrant tennis elbow."

Devid P

"I love hiking in Utah and be outdoors. As a avid hiker, I rely on Turmeric pastills to get relief from sore feet, stiff joints and pain in my knees."

Kisten P

"In a gel form Turmgel acts as a local drug delivery system where I have observed that as an adjunct therapy, in combination with the dental treatment procedures, it reduces the gum inflammation and also periodontal disease. This in turn improves the health of the oral cavity."

Dr. Jyotthi Kapadia , Dental surgeon

"When I could not take anything else for my knee pain, Turmeric pastilles worked like a charm and gave me a new lease on life."


"As a weight-lifter, athlete and a personal trainer, I understand first-hand how inflammation support from Turmeric pastilles can reduce post-workout recovery time and pain between the workouts."


"Constant travel and computer work have given me achy knees and neck and back pain. Turmeric pastilles work remarkably well to ease my pain."


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