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Reducing the use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are important drugs and have been great help to treat infections. Over the years certain antibiotic are no more as powerful as they were in past. This is because few of the bacteria have developed resistance to these certain antibiotics and hence despite its consumption, infection is not completely eliminated.

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics are key factors contributing to antibiotic resistance. Bacteria have different ways and means of developing resistance. They can survive the antibiotic treatment by adjusting themselves in the chemical environment created by antibiotics. They can develop a protective coat against them; they themselves can deactivate the antibiotic and/or they can change themselves and adapt to the new environment. We need an antibiotic that can kill the bacteria quickly without giving much time for it for adaptation and proliferation.

It is necessary that antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors only when truly required. If you have a bacterial infection your doctor will prescribe to you an appropriate antibiotic; it is necessary that you follow the instructions and take them as directed. Complete the full course as directed. Failure to do so can result in re-infection, additional antibiotic treatment and emergence of resistant strains.

One of the important aspects of minimising use of antibiotic in daily life is actually achievable. Maintaining clean environment, good personal hygiene, washing hands often, eating healthy meals, adequate exercise and sleep helps to boost immunity and fights infections. It is recommended that one should consume natural immunomodulators that help enhance immunity at all times.

Turmeric, the natural immunomodulator is also a natural antibiotic, it helps to boost immunity and aids good health. Its daily use is recommended. The mouth-dissolving lozenges reduces the bacterial load from the mouth and prevents its spread down to respiratory tract thus preventing throat and respiratory infections. It maintains general oral hygiene, boosts immunity and help us stay healthy.

If we maintain enhanced immunity and follow certain lifestyle measures, we can prevent infections. Infections spread through the community and if we can break this chain by protecting ourselves, use of antibiotics will be minimised. Minimal use leads to effective and rational use; it shall prevent misuse and emergence of antibiotic resistant-strains.

Let us protect ourselves from infections with good immunity.

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