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Holy Basil Tulsi – Quick Pack

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Quick Pack – 40 lozenges
This Turmgel variant brings together Ayurveda’s two powerhouse forces, Tulsi and Turmeric, offering you complete health and immune system benefits.


40 lozenges of Turmgel Holy Basil Tulsi

Turmgel is the world’s first and only supra-bioavailable mouth-dissolving turmeric lozenge that delivers 100% of turmeric benefits directly into the bloodstream – safely, and side effect-free. Unlike any other product in the market, Turmgel fights germs right at their point of entry and improves immunity. Thereby, actively preventing and minimizing the destructive effects of germs and bacteria that cause infection.

Your body’s immune system acts very much like an army that must stand strong, and at attention – waiting to strike against germs, viruses and infections before they gain enough strength to cause any harm.

It is the saliva in the mouth that helps germs grow and multiply very rapidly, which is why wearing masks is so important. As you suck on these tasty, sugar-free lozenges, turmeric breaks down in the mouth – fighting germs locally – and is absorbed into the circulatory system – boosting immunity systemically. It’s simple… would you rather your army be strong, prepared and ready before the enemy strikes, or scramble to fight after the enemy’s already got you?


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