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A strong, balanced immunity has emerged as the only protection against the pandemic outbreak.  Your body’s immune system acts very much like an army that must stand strong, and at attention – waiting to strike against germs, viruses and infections before they gain enough strength to cause any harm.

For generations, Dadaji’s miracle cure has always been ‘haldi’! And, there’s ample scientific research highlighting its incredible antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. However, turmeric’s biggest challenge has always been its low bioavailability (meaning the degree of its absorption into the body’s circulation system so as to have an active effect).

So, how has Turmgel successfully overcome turmeric’s low bioavailability problem? Its secret lies in its formulation. Turmgel lozenges are meant to be sucked on slowly, and not chewed or swallowed. It is developed using globally patented Quicksorb Hydrogel Technology that allows the bioactive turmeric extract in the lozenge to dissolve in the mouth and get instantly – and directly – absorbed into the bloodstream.

Turmgel is the world’s first and only supra-bioavailable mouth-dissolving turmeric lozenge that delivers 100% of turmeric benefits directly into the bloodstream – safely, and side effect-free. Unlike any other product in the market, Turmgel fights germs right at their point of entry and improves immunity. Thereby, actively preventing and minimizing the destructive effects of germs and bacteria that cause infection.

It is the saliva in the mouth that helps germs grow and multiply very rapidly, which is why wearing masks is so important. As you suck on these tasty, sugar-free lozenges, turmeric breaks down in the mouth – fighting germs locally – and is absorbed into the circulatory system – boosting immunity systemically. It’s simple… would you rather your army be strong, prepared and ready before the enemy strikes, or scramble to fight after the enemy’s already got you?

Saliva acts as a reservoir for germs like bacteria and viruses – and once they enter through the nasal and oral route, they enter our body system. We never know if we have contracted an infection as for few days, we remain symptom-free and can potentially spread infections to others. Wearing a mask acts as a protective shield from direct exposure to droplets generated when we speak, sneeze, cough etc., and maintaining social distance is of paramount importance too, so as to prevent any accidental spread. Washing hands often, not touching our eyes, nose, mouth often, are all part of the strategy of not allowing the diseases causing germs virus to get into our body. Saliva acts as a host for the germs and then the germs stick to the inner lining of mouth cavity and begin to multiply.

Use of orally acting products reduce the chance of multiplication of the disease-causing germs in the mouth (primary port of entry), preventing their entry through the oral cavity – which is half the battle won. Therefore, hand washing, oral and nasal hygiene, use of masks, maintaining social distance should be coupled with use of naturally occurring local antiseptics capable of protecting you right at the port of entry. An ingredient from the food chain that is safe, natural and side effect-free is turmeric. Turmeric is one of the most widely recognised natural antiseptics and Turmgel® is the world’s first and only mouth-dissolving turmeric lozenge that offers all the medical properties of turmeric with its antiseptic & germicide activities. So, as you decide to step out of your home remember to wear your mask, carry sanitiser, maintain social distance and take Turmgel® to protect you from any accidental entry of the disease-causing germs.

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What is immune system?

Immune system is the body’s defence mechanism against germs and foreign invaders.

What are these invaders?

The foreign substances such as germs, particulate matters, pollens, mist etc. enter our body through nose, mouth, open wounds of the skin and can disruptions that leads to illnesses. These foreign substances try to invade our body systems and hence the name invaders. In the scientific term, they are called antigen.

What is immunity?

The ability of our body’s immune system to resist the attack of the foreign invaders us called immunity. This resistance power helps us to protect from various diseases caused by the various such invaders.

How can one know about one’s immunity? Is there a diagnostic method?

Strength of one’s immunity cannot be measured by any diagnostic method. It must be assessed by oneself based on once ability to maintain healthy self. If you are getting cough, cold, flu attacks very often, it is a sign of weak immunity.

What are antibodies?

When a foreign invader is a germ such as bacteria, virus, the body’s defence mechanism produces specific antibodies against the germs and tries to neutralise them. If antibodies are good in numbers, the germs can be overpowered; but if antibodies are few , germs can multiply, and one gets full blown infection.
The ability of the body to produce antibodies quickly and in good numbers is the strength of individual’s immune system.

Does one’s immunity change as we grow?

Immunity is developed throughout our life. It is called adaptive immunity. The body tends to adapt itself to several different invaders and builds resistance power. Very young children fall ill easily because their immunity is still in the developing stage. As we grow, our immune system adapts itself, but, there are several factor that lead to its weakening and therefore, we must work towards maintaining it healthy.

Can one improve one’s immunity?

The immune system is an intricate system and there are several  interconnections involved in the immune response. All these interconnections must work in harmony and therefore, a good immune system is based on several factors. One of the important factors is what we are born with (innate immunity) and the other is the adaptive immunity that we acquire as we grow. Good nutrition, rest, being stress-free with emotional stability and physical activities such as sports, exercise help is function of the immunity axis.  Use of natural adaptogen reactivates immunity axis for its improved functioning.

How does turmeric help improve immunity?

Turmeric is a natural immunomodulator  and adaptogen that improves  the  reactivation of the immunity-axis. Its helps balancing the immunity to maintain  its resistance power against various foreign invaders.


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