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Boost Your Immunity During Monsoon

The cooling showers of monsoon are welcome after the scorching summer heat.  The coolness brings in increased atmospheric humidity; the dampness makes us susceptible to the various health ailments. The change of seasons leads to changes in flora and fauna in the atmosphere that is responsible for health issues in few individuals.  One of the main reasons of falling ill during monsoon is the reduced immunity of the individuals.

Immunity is the ability of the body to resist against the invasion of foreign bodies/ particles entering our body. The most common are suspended particulate matter in the air, bacteria and viruses that enter our body through the air that we breathe in. This leads to common cough, cold, fever when our body has reduced capacity to fight with them and get them out of our system. Contaminated food and water supply are other reasons for water-borne and food-borne infections such as jaundice, typhoid etc.

Good health signifies good immunity; the ability of the body to fight infections. Ancient Ayurvedic texts give simple practical tips to increase immunity and maintain good health during monsoon. These include lifestyle changes, consuming freshly cooked light and warm food and including medicinal herbs in daily diet.

Ayurveda recommends a number of herbs to boost immunity.  Haridra (Turmeric) tops the rank and is the mother of all medicinal herbs. Its consumption daily helps restore the internal balance of our physiology and maintains the immunity axis at its optimum efficiency.  It strengthens the body’s internal defence mechanism- the immune system, thereby protecting us from everyday infections, cough, common cold etc. However, it must be taken in a form that allows the goodness of turmeric to reach our body fluids. The mouth dissolving turmeric lozenges is an easy and effective option that delivers bioactive turmeric through buccal absorption in our body. It contains the goodness of turmeric in all its natural form.

We have very little control on controlling the external environment but certainly we can make wise choices to stay healthy and fit throughout the changing seasons. Use the power of turmeric as your daily immunity booster.

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