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Aanchal Sejpal

Fitness Instructor

"Would blindly recommend it to anyone suffering from a cold, cough or even just for building immunity. The taste is so yummy that even my 6 yrs old son loves it. Whenever we feel that he is coming down with something, I immediately pop one of the lozenges in his mouth & i know for sure he will fell better."

Nandan Mehta

"Find it to be instantly effective and thus it has become standard issue for throat itches, coughs, mouth sores etc. The lozenge has a pleasant taste which is pleasing to the palette - thus our kids are not resistant to popping it when they are under the weather."

Bhavin Soonderji

MD, Atco Controls (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"One the benefits I have personally felt is that my throat is less sensitive to cold & ice based drinks. After taking Turmgel for about 2 months regularly this problem has since disappeared. My sinus infections are down dramatically & I step up the number of lozenges a day if I do have a sinus attack."

Prashant Jain

"Curcumin or haldi is not easily absorbed by the body. Having used capsules and lozenges, I feel that the lozenges are more beneficial because they melt in the mouth. Curcumin is a very important supplement for me and my family. I was once coughing badly. After taking TurmGel, the coughing stopped instantly ... magic. I take curcumin for liver support, cough, cold etc."

Kishor Makam

CEO - TPD Associates

"There is no after taste of the turmeric as it is cleverly masked by the menthol, which in turn gives a fresh breath. On a regular use I feel more relaxed and confident as my problems are kept at bay. I feel this is one of the best investments I made to improve my health.Turmgel Lozenges are user friendly and hope would create a benchmark in medical treatment with its multiple health benefits."

Anna S

"I love open sky. I do paragliding, parachute jumping. When nothing else worked from my back, I took a leap of faith with Turmeric pastilles to get relief from nagging back pain and it has kept me afloat ."
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