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Kisten P

"I love hiking in Utah and be outdoors. As a avid hiker, I rely on Turmeric pastills to get relief from sore feet, stiff joints and pain in my knees."

Dr. Jyotthi Kapadia

Dental surgeon

"In a gel form Turmgel acts as a local drug delivery system where I have observed that as an adjunct therapy, in combination with the dental treatment procedures, it reduces the gum inflammation and also periodontal disease. This in turn improves the health of the oral cavity."


"When I could not take anything else for my knee pain, Turmeric pastilles worked like a charm and gave me a new lease on life."


"As a weight-lifter, athlete and a personal trainer, I understand first-hand how inflammation support from Turmeric pastilles can reduce post-workout recovery time and pain between the workouts."


"Constant travel and computer work have given me achy knees and neck and back pain. Turmeric pastilles work remarkably well to ease my pain."
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