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R C Bairathi

"I always keep Termgel at home as it is very effective and with no side effects. I always recommendit to my friends and response is very positive."

Pankaj Rao, Goa

It is always a pleasure to let my friends know of Turmgel as it has always brought relief to all whom I have recommended it to, so far.
On my wife's side of the family, almost everyone is prone to pharyngitis and almost 3 to 4 times a year this always went out of hand and could only be controlled with antibiotics.
Since we have known about Turmgel, it has been possible to avoid antibiotics altogether by starting off on Turmgel in the initial stages of an infection.
Till date I have recommended Turmgel to a vast number of my friends and they are more than happy with the results.
Hope more people take to this natural product with turmeric as an important ingredient.

Uppily Sridharan

Government Servant

"Due to tobacco abuse I have got the symptoms of leukoplakia in my mouth. Now, after totally stopping the irritant tobacco, Turmgel is really helping me to get cure from the after effects. Just 20 tablets is proving results. I am going to continue it for complete cure. My dentist also certified the improvements. Thank you."

Dr Manish Maladkar

"I have been personally using Turmgel since a year. I feel Turmgel is excellent in terms of quality and efficacy. I also use Turmgel for my family and have noticed benefits of the product as a pain reliever, anti-infective and as an immunity booster. I recommend Turmgel to be used regularly for its varied health benefits.   Dr. Manish Maladkar M.D.(BOM.), M.C.C.P.(USA) Website: www.drmanishmaladkar.com"

Niloufer Daruvala

Wellness & Mindfulness Facilitator

"My family and I (including my four-legged 'son') have been using Turmgel for over a year, and we have personally found tremendous improvement in digestive issues, throat and sinus related issues, as well as mouth ulcers. I love the cool menthol taste, and use Turmgel even as a great and tasty mouth freshener! I have introduced many of my extended family members and friends to Turmgel, and we are all very happy with this amazing product."

Gisli Larusson

Founder and CEO - OMNI CURE

"I have used these on several occasions, the first of which was following a flight. I was suffering with blocked sinuses and sore throat, however within 24 hours of use, my symptoms had cleared completely. I now use these lozenges when experiencing flu or cold symptoms, as they provide swift relief and boost my energy."
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