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Dr. Mickey Mehta

Global Leading Holistic Health Guru

"One of my clients had a deep cut, an open wound while working on some machinery as a hobby. I suggested over the phone to cut open Turmgel Tulsi and apply. Fortunately, I had the samples which I rushed across and the wound started healing very well. This was a week back and it’s completely healed now. So surprised that it worked that way too. Instinctively I just did that, because of the Turmeric and Tulsi put together in Turmgel. Healing Maximized, Turmgel Optimized, Life #Mickeymized!!!"

Niloufer Daruvala

"My family (including my dog) have been using Turmgel for a long while now, and have found that it has done wonders for the immunity system. My friends have also started, and continued with Turmgel. Thank you for this wonderful product."


Senior Executive

"The best.... according to my experience!"

akshay shah

"Truly Innovative product, cures my sore throat, helps with good breathe, It helps me to improve my digestion....Since I have started taking 2 turmgels a day My immunity has increased, and I have stopped falling sick :)"

Vikram N

"Turmgel has solved the perennial problem of poor absorption and lack of activity in oral dose forms (capsules/Tablets/Liquids etc). I have had 6 capsules of curcumin a day with zero results (the top brands), but a single Turmgel jelly produced outstanding results in knee pain, the positive side effects are obvious that the oral cavity feels fresh and it seems to resolve inflamed gums... brilliant!"

Akshay Shah

"One of the best products so far to cure cold and cough immediately, 2 lozenges a day keeps my immunity strong!"
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